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Spray Tanning

Norvell Auto Revolution Offers Air Brush Quality with Spray Booth Privacy

We offer the best in Sunless Spray Tanning

  • Simulates a hand held spray session

  • Pre and Post Spray Tanning Checklist

  • Perfect results every time

  • Healthy skin treatment as well as a sunless tanning session

  • Our solution is Aloe Vera based, gluten-free, paraben free and sulfate free!

  • Infused with liquid Vitamin E & C

norvell spray tan booth.png
NORVELL Revolution
  • iNTELLiSPRAY™ Solution
    Scientifically proven, meticulously formulated, first of its kind combination sunless solution. iNTELLiSPRAY™ Solution with built-in xLaTan™ pH Prep Spray is another first by Norvell.


  • Integrated Height Sensing Technology
    Equipped with height sensors, the auto booth calibrates the tanning session based on the height of the client, creating a completely customized session.


  • Recirculation Down-Draft Technology
    Working with gravity, pulling solution downward, while warming and comforting the skin.


  • Heated Environment
    Activates the DHA within the Norvell iNTELLiSPRAY™ Solution, virtually jump starting the tanning process.


  • Automated Voice Command – 2 Position Spray Session
    No need for special dance instructions or elaborate movements. The revolution moves while you stay put.


  • Award Winning HVLP Design
    The same award winning HVLP Spray Tanning design virtually simulates a handheld spraying session.


  • Virtually No Dry Time

Spray Tan

Miss CT Pageant -
Actual Aloha Tanning
Norvell Auto Revolution Spray Tan!

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